Please read before coming

There are some key changes to the way we will operate for the next couple of months. 

Extra care must be taken on the stone pitching and soft mud around the reservoir.

·     You must purchase a permit in advance. See booking procedure. People can not just turn up on the day and expect to fish.

·     Mill bank house and gardens are out of bounds please do not enter.

·     There will be no boat fishing. 

·     There is restricted parking, please park in the designated areas. No parking at Millbank, on the dam or on the Yorkston road.   

·     There is no bait or flies for sale

We will need to abide by guidelines set out by the Scottish Government, SANA (The Scottish Anglers National Association) and the Angling Trust. These are as follows:

  • Anyone displaying symptoms or who are in self – isolation due to a member of their household displaying symptoms should remain at home.  
  • There are no communal meeting points and good social distancing should be kept at all times. 
  • Give each other some space, there is plenty of it!
  • Personal protection is the responsibility of each individual, bring your own sanitizer and PPE.
  • A portlaloo is open by the boats with disinfectant available for before and after use.
  • Let us know you catch returns before leaving by either text, email or phone call. Do not go to the house. 

We are taking measures to try to protect everyone that visits, works or lives at the reservoir. As we all know things change, so keep on checking guidance and use you own common sense to keep everybody and yourself safe.